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Building strong business partnerships is one of our core competencies. Our valued partners choose ICS because of our commitment to trust and transparency, alongside our ability to deliver first-rate ERP solutions on time, every time. So, whenever you need help with your ERP project or quality professionals to strengthen your team, you can count on ICS.

[Development outsourcing]

Has your project grown to an extent that you need to ramp up your Microsoft Dynamics development team? You can always rely on Microsoft-certified developers from ICS who have extensive expertise and hands-on experience in MS Dynamics. Apart from their professional skills, they also have vast experience in working as part of various project teams. Any developer can be hired to work on a particular task or on the project in general. You can also handpick developers of the necessary profile or possessing a certain type of experience or skill.

[Consulting outsourcing]

Has your project grown big enough to require a larger team of Microsoft Dynamics consultants? You can always count on ICS – all our consultants have the necessary set of skills confirmed by Microsoft certificates. Apart from offering profound technical knowledge, our Dynamics AX / D365FO consultants have vast teamwork experience and have worked on many projects in various industry verticals. A consultant can be assigned to a particular task or to an entire project. You can also handpick a specific consultant offering a unique mix of expertise and experience that you require for your project.

[Team outsourcing]

No time to search for new team members when you urgently need some? Need a ready team to start working on your project? We are ready to offer professional integration teams tailored to your needs. The teams are composed of experienced consultants and developers. Therefore, if you order a ready team, you can concentrate on your customer’s business requirements, while the ICS team takes care of the technical side of things.

[Project management]

Having problems defining the scope of work? Problems assigning tasks? Out of budget and about to miss the deadline? Working with several contactors seems to be an impossible task? A single project manager from ICS can help solve these problems.

The high success rate of our projects confirms the high professional level of the company’s project managers. The success of a project depends on thorough planning and timely on-the-go project plan adjustments. So if you order project management services from ICS, you can be sure that the project will meet and exceed your expectations on quality and will be delivered on time.

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