The collective experience and expertise of the team and its individual members are the primary factors behind the success of a project. ICS has extensive experience in many domains and follows MS Dynamics Sure Step methodology to mitigate risks during the project realisation and to meet clients’ requirements at the highest quality level.

[Finance Management]

Financial accounting in Dynamics AX / D365FO makes it possible to automate general accounting and financial management processes by providing up-to-date information for making managerial decisions. The vast practical experience of ICS specialists in the financial sphere helps you achieve the following:

  • Automate financial accounting according to IFRS and GAAP standards;
  • Configure the payment schedule;
  • Implement treasury management functionality;
  • Implement investment management functionality;
  • Configure consolidation;
  • Provide financial analysis and modeling features;
  • Implement Corporate Controlling functionality.

Nothing speaks louder about our experience than successful projects:

[Personnel Management]

The Personnel Management module integrated into Dynamics AX / D365FO lets you build an efficient corporate staff management system. Our team will help you automate the following:

  • Employee search and retention;
  • New employee adaptation;
  • Salary and bonus calculation;
  • Employee improvement management;
  • Assignment of particular responsible parties to each task depending on individual skills;
  • Employee work time monitoring (time management);
  • HR management of organizational changes.

Our Employee Management Automation projects:

[Project Management]

The Project Management module integrated into Dynamics AX / D365FO provides powerful tools for controlling financial aspects of the project. The system supports a number of project management features and has convenient project planning, cost calculation and revenue forecasting tools, as well as tools for processing client payments during the project.


Microsoft Dynamics AX / D365FO is a robust tool for the efficient management of production processes that is currently used by the world’s leading manufacturing companies. ICS offers unique first-hand expertise in working with such companies and is fully capable of solving the following problems in your business: 

  • Planning for production, procurement, resources, operations;
  • Organization of the manufacturing process according to discrete, process-based and lean models;
  • Management of production orders;
  • Vendor management automation;
  • Integration with specialized SCADA-class manufacturing software;
  • Cost calculation automation.

ICS has many years of experience working with manufacturing enterprises. Our projects in this area include:

[Business Analysis and Reporting]

Integrated OLAP and BI functionality makes it possible to generate a large number of reports. Our team has implemented and modified various reports working with a broad range of data. When ordering a custom report, you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need for your business.

Our projects in this field:

[Transportation Management]

The Transportation Management System (TMS) in AX 2012 R3 / D365FO increases the efficiency of cargo transportation tasks. The knowledge and skills of ICS experts will allow your company to do the following:

  • Plan freight volumes;
  • Increase the efficiency of cargo delivery;
  • Cut transportation costs;
  • Identify optimal transportation routes that take account of various factors;
  • Plan assignments for shipping/arrivals and manage them;
  • Manage transportation costs;
  • Control transportation bills.

Our transportation management projects:

[Warehouse Management]

Microsoft Dynamics 365FO is currently one of the most advanced warehouse management solutions on the market.   

Our expertise allows us to implement the following functionality based on D365FO:
  • Management of the dynamic and static warehouse structure;
  • Barcodes and RFID tags;
  • Management of inbound/outbound docks;
  • Rule-based product storage;
  • Automated inventory control;
  • Product reservation and shipping according to FIFO or LIFO model;
  • Integration with warehouse equipment (TDE, conveyor, sequencer, automatic sorter and packer);
  • Configuration of tactical and strategic planning;
  • Printing of supporting documents.

Nothing speaks louder about our experience than successful projects:

[Sales and Marketing]

The sales and marketing functionality of Dynamics AX / D365FO lets you store all your data in a single repository in a structured and easy-to-analyze way, thus allowing you to efficiently identify the needs of your clients and make optimal decisions in the field of sales and marketing. Using this solution, you can be sure that every employee gets complete and up-to-date information about customer relations, and is able to choose the most efficient ways of interacting with them.

Our projects in this field include:

[Systems Integration]

Modern trends in building enterprise information infrastructures imply the tight interaction of the internal ERP system with all kinds of external systems including ERP, WMS, CRM and so on. Dynamics AX / D365FO is not an exception, and the ICS team automates various integration processes in nearly every project using file exchange technologies (including BizTalk), web services and direct connections to external databases. Certain modules are readily available and can be ordered right away:

  • Integration with WMS systems (1C, PSIwms, …);
  • Integration with accounting systems (1C, …);
  • Integration with CRM systems (Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ...);
  • Integration with production planning systems (PMI, Optiplan, ...);
  • Integration with shipping systems (API UPS, ...);
  • Integration with SCADA-class manufacturing systems;
  • Integration with mail services (Sendsay,…);
  • Organization of an external data warehouse.

Our systems integration projects:

[Version Updates]

At the moment, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) is the most advanced version of the ERP system from Microsoft. This version includes a number of advanced features, including integrated BI, a wizard for key workflows, WMS (advanced warehouse management), transportation manager, as well as a demand forecasting tool. If you are using Dynamics AX 3.0, 4.0, 2009, 2012 or Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the team of ICS developers and consultants will help you upgrade to the new platform quickly and seamlessly. We offer a full cycle of version upgrade services, including data upgrade and core upgrade.

Our projects involving Dynamics AX upgrades:

[Retail Sales]

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail is a cutting-edge solution for the retail industry. The key advantage of the system is its comprehensive nature and end-to-end functionality, as well as scalability, which is extremely important for the retail industry. ICS specialists have broad experience with this module and will help automate the following:

  • Front- and back-end management;
  • Inventory management;
  • Assortment and pricing management;
  • Payment management;
  • Price management;
  • Discount card and gift certificate management;
  • Integration with POS based on Dynamics AX for Retail POS 2012;
  • Analytical reports.

[Online Office]

An Online Office is an additional interactive service on a company’s website that enables clients and vendors to register and then access various functions of the customer’s ERP system online. Implementation of the Online Office component enables companies to do the following:

  • Lower the load on their office by allowing customers and vendors to perform operations that do not require the involvement of the company’s employees;
  • Create a new form of interaction with customers and vendors;
  • Get a powerful marketing research tool.

ICS has a unique experience in developing and implementing Online Office applications, as evidenced by the following successful implementations:

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